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Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

(In Illinois and California)

                                                                     Opportunities to find deeper powers within
                                                                                ourselves come when life seems most                    c                   challenging.
                                                                      ― Joseph Campbell
Let's get started on your journey
Healing  Wholeness  Fulfillment

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About Me

Welcome.  If you've made your way to my site, you may be feeling lost in some way and needing something to grab onto.  I understand that deep and normal need for guidance, support, and challenge.  I believe that our work together is about taking a journey to a new place, and I find no greater privilege than to accompany one on their personal path to wellness and growth.


When you begin with me, I will take time to get to know you, gather information, and assess for clarity around what you are seeking.  I am interested in whether you want brief, targeted treatment for a particular issue (or issues); or a more exploratory and longer-term process of uncovering layers.  From there, we will visit your progress regularly with the understanding that your needs may change as you change.


For the last 20 years, I have been privileged to accumulate skills, knowledge, and expertise in different domains.  My extensive work as an LGBTQ clinic director, a residential substance abuse and mental health counselor, a high school therapist, a felon re-entry specialist, and a private practioner has largely informed me in areas:

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